Putting skills to work: How on-the-job and employee readiness training help California

Job Link ensures employee readiness in many ways. Job seekers work closely with career counselors, who assess their preexisting skills, needs and interests. They steer them to classes at Petaluma Adult School, arrange bus passes or child care, help them update their resumes, and direct them to job fairs. In other words, they work to remove the many barriers under-served communities typically have toward employment. And this readiness counseling pays off. […]

sign at a polling place

At the Ballot Box: Learn how and why a Georgia advocate is willing to make an ‘awkward situation more awkward’ on Election Day

Every American has the right to vote privately and independently. In fact, the Georgia Secretary of State—during an Independent Living Day event at the Capitol—unveiled three voting machines that were touted as being accessible to anyone with a physical or developmental disability. The problem? None of them worked. […]