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Adult Education

Poway Adult School trains students for high-paying career and provides employers with a qualified workforce

Poway Adult School, founded in 1965, is a prominent educational institution in north inland San Diego County, annually serving more than 10,000 students and 12,000 enrollees. Poway achieves this by offering a range of academic and personal enrichment programs for adults, including ESL, Career and Technical Education, GED/High School Diploma, and numerous training and personal development courses. […]


‘Grief is a Journey’: Hospice support helps loved ones work through their emotions

“There’s incredible power in sharing with a group of people who are going through similar experiences,” says Joan*. After the devastating and sudden loss of her wife of nearly 40 years, Joan’s world felt empty, and she struggled to find meaning and connection in the aftermath. For months, Joan’s grief consumed her in ways that felt deeply isolating and insurmountable. When a friend recommended that she join a grief support group at YoloCares, a nonprofit hospice in Davis, Joan discovered that sharing her story with a community of fellow grievers helped her forge a path forward. […]


Practicing Wisdom: California Hospice Network’s ethics committee provides guidance in the face of end-of-life dilemmas

While death and dying are universal, the end of each life is a unique experience—one that can be filled with gray ethical areas that challenge even the best hospice professionals to seek wisdom. To help nonprofit hospices best serve patients and their loved ones, a group of Northern California hospice agencies have launched a new and vital project: “Practicing Wisdom, the Ethics Committee of the California Hospice Network.” […]

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