Vision y Compromiso

Los trabajadores de alcance del censo ayudan a que todos sean contados.


“It is important to be counted so that we not only get the necessary funds to our communities but also to have fair representation,” says Nataly Santamaria, the promotora network manager for Kern, Tulare and Madera counties. “The Census means money but it also means seats in Congress. In the last Census, California didn’t gain any congressional seats.”

Vision y Compromiso, which uses promotoras — promoters in the community —to get important information to their neighborhoods, has focused on the San Joaquin Valley. “Our most successful outreach efforts are where people naturally gather, like supermarkets, flea markets, taco or fruit stands and places of worship,” says Santamaria.

All the messaging helps people understand how to be counted. “People can fill out the Census on the internet, by phone or by paper,” she says. “If folks are still confused, have additional questions or need help navigating other options, they can contact one of our promotoras at 661-237-7169.”

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The Center at Sierra Health Foundation works to promote health and racial equity in communities throughout California with local, state and national partners. The Center secured more than $6.5 million in funding from the California Complete Count – Census 2020 Office and philanthropic partnerships to support a coalition of 60 trusted local community organizations implementing a grassroots strategy across the San Joaquin Valley to count the hardest-to-reach communities in the 2020 Census.