Evangelista Community Relations


“We’re canvassing in rural areas, where it’s a lot harder to reach people — so far spread, no WiFi, battling the weather,” says Tomas Evangelista, founder of Evangelista Community Relations. “But to have that face-to-face interaction, someone giving you information, is so different from seeing an advertisement.”

Rural California residents often feel their tax dollars go out but don’t come back, so Evangelista’s group explains that an accurate Census count changes that. “Money is being allocated [based on] that data,” he says. “It means more grants and more loans for the region.”

Evangelista also encourages immigrants to participate. “I’m a DACA recipient — and in 2010, I was in college, I had the Census in front of me, and I was afraid to fill it out,” he says. “But now I see I should be happy to be included in any count.”

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EARNING THE VOTE OF LATINA WOMEN Anyone who wants to lead in California must do so with the support of Latina voters. California’s independent redistricting commission adopted final congressional and legislative districts for the next decade, starting with the 2022 mid-term elections. When you read about a Latino-majority district in California—think Latina power. Latina voters consistently outperform their Latino male counterparts in voting: 22 of the 80 new state Assembly districts are Latino-majority with Latina power voting blocs; 10 of the 40 state Senate districts are Latino-majority with Latina power voting blocs; 16 of 52 total congressional districts in California are Latino-majority with Latina power voting blocs. The articles below highlight the ever-growing Latina base of voters who are personally experiencing a housing crisis that is pushing their families out of their homes, and the climate change crisis in the form of toxic drinking water and pervasive health issues resulting from wildfires, drought and pesticide use near our homes. It is time to invest in the Central Valley and in the Coachella Valley beyond the usual election cycle or tit-for-tat politics. It is beyond time that the pathway towards California’s future centers on the priorities of Latina women and women as a whole because we are the spark leading the ways towards a better future—LÚCETE! Click on the icon here to learn more about CNC Education Fund: