It’s Easy Being Green

Green thumb extraordinaire Alli Okumura can help transform just about any space into a lush oasis. Photo by Melissa Uroff

Propagate can help bring a little bit of nature inside


If you look around your home and feel something’s missing, chances are you need a little greenery.

“If you’re working on a room and it just doesn’t feel complete, it’s most likely a plant that’s missing,” says Alli Okumura, green thumb and owner of Propagate. “Nature just instantly makes people feel better. … Being able to bring that into your home makes such an impact.”

Whether you have a black-thumb or are a veteran plant parent, Propagate has an ever-growing selection of tropical houseplants and pots.

“We try to carry things that are more unique,” she says. “We definitely carry plants like pothos and monsteras, things that people are really familiar with and really like, but we do try to find things that are a little more interesting.”

Staff at Propagate also provide complimentary plant doctor services and can help diagnose or repot any struggling plants you have. Not sure about what will work best in your space? They can help you find something that will thrive.

“We tend to ask a lot of questions about your space before recommending a plant and we don’t really let people leave without understanding how to properly care for a plant,” Okumura says. “We’re here after you buy the plant to guide you through how to keep it alive and happy.”

In addition to the shop, Propagate also provides interior plant design and maintenance services for businesses. If you’re planning an event — be it a baby shower, engagement or birthday party — the shop also can be rented out, verdant décor included!

Visit Propagate at 1700 I St., Sacramento, 95811, online at or call 916-399-4804 for hours and more information.

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