Wax Off

With warm weather on the horizon, Gina Cocks, owner of Sleek Wax Bar in Midtown, is the waxing professional you need to see. Photo by Melissa Uroff

Keep hair at bay for weeks!


With spring and summer right around the corner, it’s nearly time to put sweatshirts and heavy jeans into storage and bring shorts, tank tops and dresses back into wardrobe rotation. It also means time to start shaving again … or does it?

If the idea of daily shaving — and stubble — sounds rough, now’s the time to try waxing! According to Gina Cocks, owner of Sleek Wax Bar in Midtown, waxing can keep you hair free for up to a month.

“We do full-body waxing for both men and women, basically from the face down to the toes,” she said. “Our sleekologists, they’re all licensed estheticians or cosmetologists and they’re all fantastic.”

If you’re already a waxing convert, you can save money with a Sleek Wax Bar membership. For $25 a month, membership entitles you to 50% off all waxing services and doesn’t require any contracts. If you’re more interested in one specific service — say brows for example — Sleek Wax Bar also offers buy-three-get-one-free packages of any waxing services, with no time limit on scheduling appointments.

For those who have tried DIY waxing at home with less than favorable results, Cocks said having a professional’s help can make all the difference.

“When you go to a professional, it’s more about the quality of service you receive. Anyone can go home and do it themselves, but we make sure we’re giving them the best service possible,” Cocks said. “We’ve heard so many horror stories of people trying it at home … It’s better when someone else does it for you.”

For more information or to make your appointment, drop by Sleek Wax Bar at 1050 20th St., Ste. 170; visit online at sleekwaxbar.com or call 916-256-2991.

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