Poway Adult School trains students for high-paying career and provides employers with a qualified workforce

A man stands in front of a building
Portrait of Jan Ophof at Poway Adult School. He’s a former student and now hires graduates as an employer. Photo by Charlie Neuman

by Nicole Carr

Poway Adult School, founded in 1965, is a prominent educational institution in north inland San Diego County, annually serving more than 10,000 students and 12,000 enrollees. Poway achieves this by offering a range of academic and personal enrichment programs for adults, including ESL, Career and Technical Education, GED/High School Diploma, and numerous training and personal development courses.

The school aims to help students identify and attain their career advancement, college preparation and personal enrichment goals. By providing extraordinary learning opportunities and responsive courses, Poway Adult School enriches the lives of residents from its surrounding communities. The adult school also provides business owners with Business Support Services that offer customized employee training programs at no cost.

Jan Ophof, a graduate of Poway Adult School, earned his Certified Nursing Assistant and Restorative Nursing Assistant licenses there. Now he’s an In-Home Care Coordinator managing nurses and caregivers at Casa de las Campanas.

Casa de las Campanas is a nonprofit organization providing a continuum of care for retired people, offering health and welfare support services. Casa has hired many Poway Adult School students who possess strong technical and interpersonal skills, making it easy for learners to be hired into Casa’s entry-level jobs.

“Poway (Adult School) taught me and all CNA students basic nursing skills, so when Casa hires a Poway graduate, we know we have a qualified candidate that meets all the California Department of Public Health CNA skills and certifications,” says Ophof.

Poway Adult School’s CNA Program provides instruction and training in key areas such as anatomy, physiology and medical terminology, equipping students with a practical understanding of basic nursing skills. Casa highly values Poway Adult School’s training programs because they reduce the need for extensive onboarding and supplementary training for new Casa hires.

But the relationship goes both ways: Casa provides valuable clinical opportunities for Poway CNA students who aspire to pursue healthcare careers in the public or private sector. Clinicals offer CNA students hands-on experience in a health care setting by enhancing their skills and serving as a Casa recruitment tool. And by observing these students in action, Casa can better assess their potential for success within their facility.

“Casa actively recruits at Poway Adult School because they know the students are highly trained and can easily integrate into entry-level, CNA, or caregiver positions,”

Jan Ophof, a graduate of Poway Adult School and In-Home Care Coordinator at Casa de las Campanas

“Casa actively recruits at Poway Adult School because they know the students are highly trained and can easily integrate into entry-level, CNA, or caregiver positions,” says Ophof.

Employers benefit from Poway Adult Education’s technically trained CNA students, who possess strong clinical and customer service skills. These students are also part of the local community, which enhances their awareness of and familiarity with community health and welfare resources.

“I am a Poway Adult Education graduate, and three of our best employees at Casa de las Campanas come from the Poway (Adult School) programs. I think all organizations should consider hiring Poway (Adult School) graduates,” Ophof says.

For more information on the Poway Adult School’s nursing programs, visit https://powayadultschool.powayusd.com/apps/pages/index.jsp?uREC_ID=3737194&type=d&pREC_ID=2434222